Wolfsonian Labs

Wolfsonian staff are experimenting with new ways to tell the stories behind our collections. Please join us as we play with new media tools to unlock the secrets of the Wolfsonian.


We are exploring the developing field of data visualization which seeks meaning in sets of data through graphical representations. More than simply making graphs, we hope to reveal stories about this collection and the objects within.

Crowd-Sourced Annotation

The Menneske Pyramide [Human Pyramid], painted by the Danish artist Harald Rudyard Engman in Copenhagen in 1941, depicts a pyramid made up of masses of people from ancient times to the present. Engman filled the painting with hidden political messages and social commentary, often in the form of Denmark's mythological and historical figures. This interface allows you to explore the painting at very high resolution and see annotations explaining the work's complex meanings. If you recognize scenes in the painting you can add further annotations to this fascinating work.

Panoramic Tours

Using special camera mounts and software, we created a 360° panoramic view of our 3rd-Floor Exhibition Gallery. This prototype virtual exhibit allows you to look around and zoom in to see the details in the display cases. When you click on a display item, its cover image will pop up. You can follow the information link beside each item to see it in the Digital Collections Database. In the database, you can read more about the piece or flip through its pages! The soundtrack is a recording of a tour given by the collection librarian.

Story Maps

Interactive exploration of images in the gallery using a tablet-based image zooming and annotation software.


From serious to seriously silly, assorted animations rendered of mechanical postcards and books.


An initial experiement in creating 3d models of collection items using photogrametry.